Butte, MT Train Explosion, May 1907

Butte, May 2.—One man is dead and another dying as the result of the work
of train wreckers. East bound Burlington train No. 6, due in Butte at 5 'o'clock, was blown up by dynamite last night, at 11:30 o'clock, one mile west of the Northern Pacific depot.The first helper engine of the train was blown off the track am plowed along for a few hundred feet without turning over. The second engine crashed into a bank south of thetrack a few feet from where the explosion occurred. Engineer Bussy of the second engine was buried under his engine. His body was recovered this morning.Carl Mange was removed from a
mass of timbers under the baggage car. He had been riding on the blind baggage. An arm- and a leg were broken. George Ehle, fireman of the second engine, was badly scaided, and at 1 o'clock this afternoon was reported dying. He was removed from the wreck to a hospital near by.

Source: Centralia Daily Chronicle May 2, 1907 Front Page