Paxton, NE Private Plane Crash, Feb 1951


Paxton, Neb. -- (AP) -- Three prominent Minnesotans flying to a Colorado skiing resort were killed late Thursday, when their plane crashed into a tree at the edge of Paxton.
The dead were:
EDMUND P. PILLSBURY, 37, Minneapolis, vice-president of Pillsbury Mills, Inc., and son of Pillsbury board chairman, John S. Pillsbury.
ALFRED D. LINDLEY, 47, Minneapolis attorney, former Olympic skier and recently unsuccessful republican candidate for congress.
DEXTER L. ANDREWS, 38, secretary and director of Earl Patridge Co., Minneapolis, general merchandise wholesale firm.
ANDREWS and LINDLEY lived at Wyzata, Minn.
The four-place, single-engined plane carrying the three and loaded with skis, tennis rackets and other sporting equipment, had taken off from Minneapolis en route to Aspen, Colo. A freezing mist was falling as it crossed central Nebraska.
Apparently PILLSBURY was bringing the plane in for a landing in a field near the Paxton railroad depot when the little ship plowed into a grove of trees.

Sheboygan Journal Wisconsin 1951-02-23