Bertrand, NE Fortress Crashes, Apr 1944


Kearney, Neb., April 25. -- (INS) -- Second Lt. THOMAS G. EPPLINGER of Huntington Woods, Mich., and Second Lt. ROBERT D. SHAW, of Vicksburg, Miss., were killed yesterday in the crash of an army plane near Bertrand, Neb., Kearney air base officials announced today.
Six crewmen parachuted to safety, the announcement said.

Nebraska State Journal Lincoln 1944-04-26

B-17 Flying Fortress Killed:
Second Lt. THOMAS G. EPPINGER, pilot, Huntington Woods, Mich.
Second Lt. ROBERT D. SHAW, copilot, Vicksburg, Miss.
B-17 Flying Fortress Survivors:
Second Lt. VORIS H. FABIK, navigator, East St. Louis, Ill.
Second Lt. LEWIS E. LOURAINE, bombardier, Purcell, Okla.
Second Lt. ROBERT DUROCHER, assistant bombardier, (unknown).
S/Sgt. CLIFFORD M. BOWEN, engineer, Jefferson, Ore.
S/Sgt. OBERT M. LAY, radioman, Aurora, Ill.
Sgt. JAMES T. GRANTHAM, waist gunner, Phoenix, Ariz.