Malcolm, NE Transport Plane Crash, July 1943


Alliance, Neb., July 20. -- (AP) -- Two officers and 11 enlisted men were killed in the crash of a C-47 transport plane from the Alliance Army air base near Malcolm, Neb., yesterday, air base officials said today.
Officials stated, the plane met a strong thunderstorm with high winds and lightning, in the middle of the night. While the exact cause of the crash is unknown, it is thought the plane was either struck by lightning or flew into the ground due to pilot disorientation. The plane reportedly, exploded into a huge fireball and scattered wreckage over one quarter mile in all directions.
The victims were:
First Lt. JAMES S. MILLS, pilot, Fulton Kent.
Second Lt. EDGAR D. ROGERS, copilot, Bay Village, Ohio.
Sgt. FRANK P. KREJCI, passenger, West Allis, Wis.
Staff Sgt. WALKER H. McCARTNEY, passenger, Canonsburg, Pa.
Cpl. ARTHUR R. MARKHAM, passenger, Buffalo, N.Y.
Cpl. EDWARD A. BLOOM, passenger, Ashtabula, Ohio.
Pfc. HOWARD E. WIEGAND, passenger, Cleveland, Ohio.
Pfc. JOSEPH T. JURCZYK, passenger, Cleveland, Ohio.
Sgt. ROBERT D. HAGER, JR., passenger, Lima, Ohio.
Pvt. GEORGE BALICH, passenger, Lorain, Ohio.
Pfc. ROBERT A. McCLYMONDS passenger, Butler, Penn.
Pfc. SAMUEL ROSS, passenger, Cleveland, Ohio.
Pvt. CHESTER T. BECZYNSKI, passenger, Cleveland, Ohio.

Titusville Herald Pennsylvania 1943-07-21