Omaha, NE Crushed Under Lumber Pile, May 1900


Little 9 year old Johnny Arndt and his brother, while playing upon a pile of lumber Thursday evening under the new Sixteenth street viaduct, met with a painful accident which may prove serious for the former.

Under the weight of the youngsters the pile of lumber was overturned and in the fall two pieces of the timber caught Johnny’s leg in such a manner as to tear the muscles and ligaments from the knee of one of his legs to the ankle. The other boy was rendered unconscious by a glancing blow upon the stomach. Both were removed to their home, Seventeenth and Mason streets, where they were attended by Dr. Wearne. The brother was shortly found to be all right, but Johnny was removed to St. Joseph’s hospital. Both are sons of Fred Arndt, a saloon keeper.

Omaha World Herald, Omaha, NE 25 May 1900