Crawford, NE Passenger Train Accident, June 1921



Omaha, Neb., June 16. -- Four persons were killed, 14 injured, some seriously and three or four are missing in the wreck of the east bound train No. 606 on the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad near Crawford, Neb., late last night.
The forward sleepers of the train plunged through a bridge over Big Cottonwood Creek after the engine and mail car had passed safely, according to first reports. The relief train took the dead and injured to Chadron, a few miles east of the scene of the wreck early today and returned to the wreck to complete the search of the debris for missing passengers.
Conductor FINNEGAN was among the injured taken to Chadron and the check of the passengers was impeded. The train left Lander, Wyoming yesterday morning and was due in Omaha this morning.
Crawford is in the far northwest corner of Nebraska and wire communications with the scene of the wreck was meager.
Officials of the road here refused to give information concerning the wreck.

Check of Passengers Delayed.
Omaha, Neb., June 16 - The chief dispatcher for the Chicago and Northwestern lines at Fremont, Neb., reported at 4 a.m. that according to a report he heard going over his wire, only three persons were killed in the wreck of train No. 606 near Crawford, Neb., late last night. The train runs from Casper to Omaha.
Four dead and 14 injured some seriously, were brought to Chadron, about 4 o'clock this morning by the relief train, according to reports from Chadron. Conductor FINNEGAN was among the injured it was said.
The report added that while the check of passengers was not yet complete it was believed that no more than three or four are missing.
The relief train returned at once to the scene of the wreck.

Weak Bridge Responsible.
Chicago, June 16. - Sudden rains of Big Cottonwood Creek three miles east of Whittier, Neb., due to a local storm, weakened the Chicago and Northwestern bridge and was responsible for the wreck last night in which four persons were killed and 12 injured, according to railroad reports today.
The tender, baggage, mail, day coach and chair cars plunged into the creek. The engine passed over safely and the sleeping cars remained on the tracks.
The dead, according to advices from Chadron, which is about 20 miles from the scene of the wreck, are:
ROBERT SCOTT, Chadron, baggage man.
F. M. STEWART, Gordon, Neb.
FRANK BOSNER, Lander, Wyo.
C. M. BUCK, Grand Island, Neb.

The Daily Ardmoreite Ardmore, Oklahoma 1921-06-16



The story I got from someone that actually heard the wreck next to their land, and went to the scene, said two trains colided head on. There's a blind spot going across "Breakneck Hill". He also told me it killed the engineer, he witnessed him in the window. Even in his 80's, I could tell it was difficult for him to talk about, a terrible incident.

Follow the train track out of Crawford, it happened on the South side of the switchback on top of hill.