Bassett, NE Television Tower Collapse, Apr 2002


Bassett, Neb. (AP) - Two companies may be fined $12,000 each for alleged safety violations that caused a fatal accident last spring on a 1,524-foot tall television tower.
Federal investigators say a combination of safety shortcuts and the use of damaged equipment led to the April 22 accident that killed TIM CULPEPPER, 29, of Meridian, Miss.
CULPEPPER was struck by falling debris when a hoisting rope snapped atop the tower, about 15 miles south of Bassett.
Authorities said he must have died instantly. His body was suspended at about 1,000 feet by a safety harness for eight hours before rescuers reached him on the tower, the largest used in the Nebraska Educational Television Network.

Daily Gazette McCook Nebraska 2002-10-18