McCook, NE Fourth of July Cannon Accident, July 1899


Fourth of July Cannon They Were Loading Goes Off Too Soon.

Omaha, July 5. -- A special to the Bee from McCook, Neb., says: A premature discharge of a cannon used in firing a salute here yesterday noon caused the severe injury of four boys. Charles Traver was drawing the rammer when the discharge tore off his right hand. He will lose one and perhaps both eyes. His face and head are horribly injured, and his life is despaired of. Willie Kilpatrick lost a thumb and got a face full of powder. Jack Wontz was badly injured in the face by powder.

The steel rammer went hissing up Main avenue, tore two hig [sic] holes through a frame building 1,500 foot away, and tore an ugly flesh wound in the calf of little Orville Hammel's leg.

George Gummere, of Stratton, was brought here yesterday with his left hand torn off by a bursting shot gun while celebrating the Fourth at Stratton.

Daily Telegram, Adrian, MI 5 Jul 1899