Lincoln, NE Auto And Train Crash, Dec. 1958



The car-train crash on West A which killed five persons went into the record book Wednesday as Lancaster County's worst traffic accident.
The dead are:
JOHN C. WARREN, 30, of 112 L;
SYLVESTER IVORY, 23, of 347 So. 1st.;
KAREN WIEDMAN, 17, of 2219 Potter;
PHILIP SILVA, 19, of 101 West J;
BARBARA KELLER, 16, of 349 So. 1st.
The county's previously worst accident was in the city when on Dec. 5, 1951, four young men were killed in a car-train on No. 27th and the Rock Island Railroad tracks.
Outside the city, three airmen were killed and a fourth fatally injured on Aug. 26, 1955, when their car rammed the rear of an oil transport on Hwy. 77 just south of Lincoln.
Tuesday night's crash which took five lives apparently occurred about 10:55 p.m., but was not discovered until after midnight.

No Inquest.
Deputy Co. Atty. Dale Fahrnbruch said an inquest would be held in the fatal accident.
Authorities said the car was traveling east on West A and the freight train was moving southwest at the grade crossing 4 miles west of Lincoln.
Four of the bodies were thrown from the car and one was found 64 feet from the point of impact. The fifth was found under the motor of the nearly-demolished car.

No Others Found.
No additional bodies were found in a daylight search of the area by authorities.
Fahrnbruch said the train crew was unaware of any accident until the train reached Friend, about 40 miles west of Lincoln.
At that time, sparks were seen flying from a damaged wheel on the 35th car in the 47-car train. The crew observed damage to the car from an apparent collision and set it out at Friend. The train continued on to Hastings.
The 1950 model coupe, in which the victims were riding, was registered to Sylvester Ivory, but sheriff's deputies said the driver of the car could not be determined.

The Lincoln Star Nebraska 1959-01-01