Agnew, NE Bridge Collapse, Aug 1910


Traction Engine Drops Twenty Feet Through Bridge.

Engineer Denech, of the traction engine which fell through a bridge near Agnew, Neb., yesterday afternoon, was brought to Lincoln in an unconscious condition. He had his leg broken and was severely burned and late last night was not expected to live. It is reported that the fireman who was on the engine at the time of the accident, broke a leg but sustained no other injuries.

The accident occurred at 3 p. m. at a bridge over Oak creek near Agnew, about six miles northwest of Raymon. The traction engine and separator had reached the center of the bridge, when it suddenly gave way. The machine and engine dropped about twenty feet to the creek and the engineer was partially buried under the engine. The fireman jumped and so cleared the wreckage.

A number of men who were nearby, rushed to the assistance of the engineer and dug him out. He was put on a train which left shortly afterward for Lincoln.

The bridge which gave way has always been deemed one of the best bridges in the county. It is a big steel bridge nearly eighty feet in length.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 24 Aug 1910



Thanks for catching that. We've re-classified this article as a bridge collapse. Would love to use photos.


Steam Engine (Tractor)

This wasnt a street car accident but a tractor which was pulling a thresher across a bridge. The weight of both collapsed the bridge. Have photos.