Elmwood, NE Water Tank Burst and Flood, Mar 1902


Wooden Water Tank Bursts Letting Loose 30,000 Gallons.

ELMWOOD, Neb. March 26--(Special) Elmwood was visited with a miniature deluge yesterday. Just a minute or two before the school bell for noon rang, the large wooden water tank belonging to the city, holding 30,000 gallons of water and full to the top, built on a steel tower fifty feet high, burst with a report that could be heard for nearly a mile and in almost less than a minute the water was all on the ground, washing out gardens wherever it crossed them. The tank was built about five years ago. It burst on account of the steel bands that were clamped about it rusting through, all of them breaking but two. The tank is a total wreck, but the tower is uninjured. The village board met last night in special session to ask for bids on a steel tank placed on the old tower or a standpipe. No danger is apprehended from lack of water in case of fire, as the village has two good wells with gasoline engines and pumps attached, that will pump water as fast as two lines of hose can take it. The tank burst on all sides and the water made a pretty sight as it rushed out, almost equalling a view of Niagara Falls. The roof of an implement shed filled with implements belonging to William Mueller, was crushed in by the weight of the falling water. It could hardly have occurred at a more opportune time. Had school been out some of the children would surely have been hurt, as many pass close by on their way to and from school.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 30 Mar 1902