Hastings, NE Fire, Sept 1879

Great Fire in Hastings, Neb.

Hastings, Feb. [sic], September 16. -- A great fire in Hastings destroyed an entire block and burned half another. The goods were mostly saved in a damaged condition. Two hotels, one bank, one printing office, and one elevator are among the buildings. The loss is estimated at $100,000; partly insured.

Wheeling Register, Wheeling, WV 17 Sept 1879


The fire of September, 1879, originated in the basement of Allison's drug store, when an oil lamp or lantern exploded. The destruction of thirty-three buildings followed, creating damage estimated at from $90,000 to $100,000. The losses are set forth as follows: J. S. Allison's stock, $5,000; J. W. Davis, building stock, $6,000; H. Lepin's hotel and fixtures, $8,000; C. Cameron's stock and his fine buildings, $13,000; Thomas Scales' building, $800; A. W. Cox's stock and two buildings, $2,300; J. Weingart & Bros'. elevator and 800 bushels of wheat, $2,200; Kelley & Hahn's building and contents, $2,300; Dr. Naulteus' dwelling, office and stock, $3,000; Walbach Bros'. building and stock, $15,000; N. F. Damron's hotel and furniture, $6, 000; D. H. Ballard's building and stock, $4,000; G. F. Work's office, $125; Exchange Bank, furniture, $200; James Walling's hotel furniture, $1,000; O. Oliver's lumber, $100; Wigton Bros.' office and type, $600; C. Bonn's press, $75; Millett & Mulford's stone works, $1,000; A. L. Clarke & Co's brick building, $400; C. H. Manker's carpenter shop, $200; Prindle & Burke's shop, $50; Mrs. Mow's two buildings, $450; Mrs. Higgins' building, $300; Langevin & Plamondon's two buildings, $1,500; J. B. Sevage's building, $800; W. A. Smith's stock, $900; George Volland's two livery stables, $1,200; J. Kohl's building and fixtures, $1,500; E. Stout's building and stock, $800; A. J. Nolan's stock, $300; damage to Forcht & Co's. building, $100; Lowman & Fisher's office furniture, $150; Charles Carmichael's personal effects, $300, and a few smaller losers.

Immediately after the fire of September, 1879, subsided, the work of rebuilding commenced, and nine brick buildings were under construction, with several frame houses, among them the Lepin House.

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