Andover, NB Bomber Explodes In Flight, Jan 1957



Andover, N.B. (AP) -- Frozen woodlands near here were searched today for one Air Force man still missing from the crew of an eight-engine B52 bomber which exploded in flight yesterday. Seven bodies were found and one man parachuted with minor injuries.
Hundreds of Air Force men, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and French - Canadian trappers and guides, warmly garbed against temperatures which went far below zero, hunted for the missing man.
A spokesman from the jet plane's Loring Air Force base at Limestone, Maine, said the man may have parachuted. He said two parachutes were reported seen by residents of the area but that "they lost sight of one of them."
The spokesman said Capt. RICHARD A. JENKINS, the commander of the craft and one of those killed, was at the controls, his head partially covered by a visor-type hood used in reflex tests. With the covering the pilot can see the instrument panel but cannot see outside the plane.
Six bodies were recovered in the wreckage or the deep snow yesterday. A seventh was found in part of the plane early today by searchers carrying portable lamps.
Several hours after the crash of the B52 jet bomber, an Air Force B29 crashed on landing at Bergstrom Air Force Base, near Austin, Tex., killing six crewmen and injuring three others.
The public information office at Loring identified five of the seven victims of the Andover crash as:

Capt. RICHARD A. JENKINS, the aircraft commander, Huron, Ohio.
Capt. WILLIAM C. DAVIDSON, Stockton, Calif.
Capt. JOHN E. McCUNE, Hayward, Calif.
Capt. MARQUID H. D. MYERS, Tracy, Calif.
T. Sgt. RAY A. MILLER, Racine, Wis.
All were married and all but DAVIDSON had children.
The only known survivor was:
1st Lt. JOE L. CHURCH, Charlotte, N.C.
A spokesman at Loring said a team of Air Force flight safety experts from Norton AFB near San Bernardino, Calif., and officials of the Boeing Airplane Co., would take part in an investigation of the crash. Boeing builds the eight-million-dollar, swept-wing B52s.
Brig. Gen. William K. Martin, Loring Commander, said in a statement "an unusual maneuver may have resulted in exceeding the flight limitations of the aircraft."
In Washington, the Air Force said the pilot was undergoing a reflex test wherein the flyer's eyes are partly shielded and the plane put into an "unusual position. The pilot then must right the craft.
The Washington spokesman said the plane apparently had been "placed in a position beyond its capability."
The plane was the fourth B52 lost by the Air Force on training flights since February 1956.


Jan 10, 1957 B-52 Crash

Dear Linda,

I am the niece of Lieutenant Charles S. Cole that was the Navigator on the plane with your father. Like your father my Uncle Charles did not survive.

If you would go to the Google Website and type in "The New Brunswick Military Heritage Project" I worked with a wonderful gentleman that we were able to complete the information he had listed. I was able to provide a photo and all the names of the crew of that flight.

Please feel free to contact me maybe we could share information.........Frances Cole

daughter of John E. McCune

I am the eldest daughter of Capt. McCune. Thank you for posting this information--I don't have a lot of information about this crash that killed my father--I was 3 when it happened, so unfortunately, I don't have any memory of him. I would appreciate any other information and would welcome other children or relatives of the crew to contact me. Thank you.

you are welcome

you are most welcome .. sincerely

B-52 crash on Jan. 10, 1957

I was in biology class at Limeston High School, probably not paying attention to our teacher, Mr. Clarence Pinette, but watching a B-52 cross the sky when it exploded before my eyes!! I yelled and the whole class rushed to the window. It first fell in a single fireball and then exploded again into three separate fireballs. We were close enough to see one parachute slowly descending through the smoke. I thought he was ejected from the explosion out of the tail section.

My father , Lt. Col. Herbert Mailander, was a B-52 pilot also airbourne at the same time. I am glad to see this information about the crash posted.

thank you

Mr. Cole
Thank you so very much for this additional information ...

New Brunswick 1957 B-52 Bomber Crash

Dear sir:

I have another name of the January 10, 1957 B52 Bomber Crash in NB.

Lieut Charles Samuel Cole
26 years old
Hometown: Basin, Wyoming