Concord, NH Stunt Plane Crash, June 1993


Concord, N.H. (AP) -- A stunt plane crashed and exploded at an air show Saturday, killing a father-daughter wing walking act, authorities said.
Thousands of spectators saw the crash at the Concord Airport, but nobody in the crowd was hurt when the plane came down several hundred yards away.
Witnesses said the plane came out of a roll about 100 feet in the air when something went wrong. The plane went into another roll, crashed and burst into flames, witnesses said.
Air show announcer Frank Kingston Smith said the father was piloting the plane from a rear cockpit while the daughter was in a front cockpit waiting to get onto the wing.
Police identified the father as RONALD SHELLY, 61, of Midland, Va., and his daughter as KAREN SHELLY DUGGAN, 31, of Warrenton, Va.
SHELLY, the father of five, said he had some concerns when he asked his daughter if she wanted to join the act in 1989.
"All my kids, at one time or another, asked to do it. I knew I could make it safe. She was of an age to make a decision, and I thought she'd be the one who would enjoy it," he said in a 1989 interview with The Associated Press.
His daughter said she trusted her father and would only walk for him.
"I'm always surprised at how calm it feels" to hang off the wing of an airplane traveling more than 100 mph, she said.

Alton Telegraph Illinois 1993-06-27