Hanover, NH Moose Mountain Plane Crash, Oct 1968

Air Disaster Victims

BOSTON (AP) - Northeast Airlines released this list of 32 names of persons killed in the crash of one of its planes Friday near Hanover, N. H.

The list:
MISS S. ANGELICO, 31 Grant St., Norwich, Conn., of Graham Junior College, Boston.
MISS LIANE BIRNBAUM, father lives in Scarsdale, N. Y.
MISS CINDY DAMON, 20, Tamworth, N. H.
MISS MARTHA DILL, Greenwich, Conn.
MR. F. FEPLA, 30, 10 Vine St., Montpelier, Vt.
MR. TERRY HUDSON, 33, Plainfield, Vt.
MR. P. HOVALIKA, 28, East Montpelier, Vt.
MISS PATRICIA INDENCE, 5 Maxwell Port, Huntington, N. Y.
MISS SHARON LINNELL, 77 Mason Terrace, Brookline, Mass.
MR. R. McLAUGHLIN, Bixby Street, Lebanon, N. H.
MR. EDMUND ROUSSE, believed from Burlington, Vt.
MRS. ISLE RAWSON, 14 Center St., Cambridge, Mass.
MISS BARBARA SWIFT, 9 Springfield St., Framingham, Mass.
MISS MEREDITH SMITH, 20, 735 Bryant Ave., Rosyln Harbor, N. Y.
MR. R. WILSON, 4 Birch Terrace, Lebanon, N. H.
DR. JAMES WHEDBEE, 57, Route 1, Cockeysville, Md.
MISS CAROL NEWCOMB, 20, of 66 Badger Circle, Milton, Mass.
MRS. R. SEARLES, 43, Newport, Vt.
Capt. JOHN A. RAPSIS, 52, Nashua, N. H., the pilot.
First Officer JOHN C. O'NEILL, 29, Lake Ariel, Pa. And Revere, Mass.
GARY GRAVEL, 21, 74 Leonard St., Burlington, Vt.
DR. ABRAHAM BLOOM, 2843 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.
Prof. MILTON GILL, Dartmouth College.
ROLAND DAWKIN, who would have been 33 Saturday, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Prof. T. P. NETTLE, Brighton, England, visiting at The University of Pennsylvania.
MRS. PEARL R. SCHNEIDER, 53, of 747 Mather St., Suffield, Conn.
JONATHAN V. GATES, 21, of Jeffersonville, Vt., in the U. S. Navy.

10 Survive Air Tragedy
HANOVER, N. H. (AP) - The 10 injured in the Friday night crash of a Northeast Airline plane on Moose Mountain all were taken to Mary Hitchcock Hospital in Hanover.

The hospital listed them as:
GEORGE E. COLLINS, 105 College St., Montpelier, Vt., in fair condition with a head injury.
BERNARD G. DESMOND, JR., Springfield, Vt., in critical condition with head injuries.
BETTY J. FRAIL, 21, the stewardess, of Winthrop, Mass and Berkeley Heights, N. J., in satisfactory condition with a leg injury.
MRS. T. P. NETTLE, 41, of Brighton, England and 4628 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. (University of Pennsylvania), fracture, condition satisfactory.
EARL JEWELL, 56, Hanover, N. H., hand injury.
ROBERT Y. KIMBALL, 45, assistant dean of the Tuck Business School at Dartmouth College, fractured hand, condition satisfactory.
CYNTHIA MOTEM, 32, Flushing, N. Y., fractured hip and ankle, condition fair.
CALVIN W. OSHA, 41, 117 Crest Park Drive, Garland, Tex., chest injuries in fair condition. His mother, Hazel Osha lives in Randolph, Vt.
MARY M. TAYLOR, 39, Washington, D. C., arm injuries, fair condition.
DR. RICHARD W. VEECH, Oxford, England, back injury, face and head cuts, condition satisfactory.

Nashua Telegraph New Hampshire 1968-10-26

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Moose Mountain

If it is any help to you after these many years, I can tell you that there was great serenity on the mountain, in spite of the tragedy. I climbed that ridge on Moose Mountain the following day. The police and rescue workers did their very best.

jonathan v gates. Victum of the 1968, air disaster.

It has been nearly 42 years since that tragedy, on Oct. 25, 1968. I am looking for a photo obit., of Jonathan. The pain has not left, it never will. His face is becomming dim to me. I would appreciate any help.
Thank You, Janice.