Atlantic City, NJ Water Tank Crashes Through Roof, Sept 1940

Five Killed WHen Water Tank Crashes

Atlantic City, N. J., Aug. 31 -- (AP) -- Two tanks filled with 40,000 gallons of water crashed through the roof of a bath house on the boardwalk today, killing at least five persons and injuring 10.
The dead:
MRS. FANNIE ARBOR, 42, of 318 W. Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia.
MRS. SOPHIE SONSTEIN, 55, of 419 Ritner St., Philadelphia.
HYMAN SHUTOFF, 420 Morris St., Philadelphia.
Two unidentified women.
Mases[sic] of Labor Day week-end visitors swarmed around the scene on the boardwalk at the foot of Florida avenue, a block south of the Convention hall, watching police and firemen striving to recover bodies from the wreckage.
Police expressed fear there might be more bodies in the basement, which was flooded with water and unreachable at a late hour tonight.

The Zanesville Signal Ohio 1940-09-01