Jersey City, NJ Building Collapse, Mar 1948


Jersey City, N.J., March 28. -- (AP) -- A three-story brick building suddenly crumbled Sunday and two persons were crushed to death in the wreckage. Three others were injured.
The building is in the factory section of Jersey City. It took police and firemen more than two hours before they could remove the bodies of DANIEL LAGALPA, 64, and his wife, JOSEPHINE, 54.
The rescuers pulled out the LAGALPAS' children, JOSEPH, 24, ANNA, 16, and JOAN, 14. The two girls were taken to Jersey City medical center for treatment for shock, bruises and irritation of the eyes from plaster dust. The boy was more seriously hurt. It required an hour of digging before he could be rescued and be taken to the medical center.
The family lived on the third floor of the structure.
The first floor was occupied by a grocery store. It was empty at the time.
A family of four brothers, a sister and an aunt which had resided on the second floor for 12 years moved out three weeks ago. One of the brothers, Theologos Athans, said his family had been ordered to move because the house was condemned. The city building department was not available for comment.

Billings Gazette Montana 1948-03-29