Ogden, NJ Building Collapses, Aug 1892




Ogden, N.J., Aug. 12. -- A building which was being erected here fell Friday afternoon, burying twenty men beneath the ruins. One dead man and four fatally injured have already been taken from the ruins, and the work of dugging out the remainder is still going on. The accident occurred by the sudden giving way of a derrick, causing the entire structure of massive wooden beams and timbers to collapse. But few of the workmen on the building escaped.
There was great excitement and a big crowd of men employed in other factories stopped work and the search for the bodies under the wreck of the collapsed building was immediately begun. The first victim taken out was an Italian workman. The man was dead. His body was terribly mangled. Soon after three others were removed in a dying condition.
Up to a late hour at night twelve men had been taken out from the ruins of the collapsed factory, all seriously and four fatally wounded. Several of the others, it is also feared, will die. The work of rescuing the victims from the ruins was kept up all night. Many of the men who were at work in the erection of the factory lived in neighboring villages, and when they did not return home from their work at the usual time their friends and other workmen came to seek them. There are hundreds of men at the ruins and the work of rescue is being pushed forward very fast. The injuries of those taken from the ruins are of the most terrible nature, the limbs of some being torn off, while the faces and bodies of others are crushed almost beyond recognition.

Logansport Reporter Indiana 1892-08-13