Fort Dix, NJ Transport Plane Crash, July 1951


Fort Dix, N.J., July 1. -- (UP) -- Five air force men were killed and 16 others including a WAF and a civillian injured Sunday when a C-47 transport plane crashed in a fog near here.
Officers at nearby McGuire Air Force Base said the big plane was attempting a "dangerous landing" and making a ground control approach when it crashed.
The force of the crackup tore the plane apart. Some bodies were thrown clear of the wreckage.
There were 21 persons aboard the plane, including a crew of three, a member of the women's air force and a civilian air force technician. The plane crashed about one quarter of a mile from the airport runway about 3:30 a.m.
The five flyers killed, including all three crew members, had been based at Kirtland Field near Albuquerque.
They were:
Captain EDWARD F. GALLO, 33, the pilot, of Boon, N.J.
First Lieutenant JOSEPH A. JOHNSON, 32, the copilot, of San Francisco.
Sergeant NORMAN K. SENNETT, 21, flight engineer, of Houlton, Maine.
Staff Sergeant ANTHONY DOUBLISKY of Roebling, N.J.
Sergeant HARRY WEISSBERGER of New York City.
The 16 injured were taken to the hospital at Fort Dix. Four persons aboard the plane were seriously injured. They are HAROLD E. KEMERY; Private First Class HAROLD W. MILLER; Corporal BILLY L. BUTLER, all of Kirtland air force base near Albuquerque, N.M.; and SAMUEL MAZZARELLI, technical representative from the Sikorski Aircraft company, assigned to the air force.
Less seriously injured were Private First Class J. C. GRAVES; Private First Class VERNON SMITH; Private First Class CLYDE E. HAMM; Private First Class RICHARD GILETTA; Corporal GEORGE B. DUGGAN; Sergeant JOSEPH KATOMSKY; Private First Class J. M. TILLEY, and Private First Class E. GASKIN, all stationed at Kirtland air base; Navy Lieutenant REEVES H. BAYSINGER, former navy all American football player; W.A.F. Corporal J. V. SALERNO; Corporal W. BRITT, and Sergeant T. C. BAILEY, all of the Lackland air force base at San Antonio, Texas.

The Billings Gazette Montana 1951-07-02