Newark, NJ Lear Jet Crashes, Mar 1983


Newark, N.J. (UPI) -- A two-engine Lear jet cartwheeled off a runway and burst into flames during an approach in clear weather at Newark International AIrport Wednesday killing two Denver men.
The victims were identified as BRAD BARNHARD, 26, the pilot and co-pilot GORAN HOGBERG, 25.
They had worked for Hughes Charter Air for barely a month said Glenn Scott director of operations for the Denver based courier service who had been on the plane but got off at a stop in Chicago.
The Lear 25 crashed at 4:14 a.m. and tumbled into a 30-foot wide water filled drainage ditch after touching down on Runway 4R that runs parallel to the New Jersey Turnpike. The air field was closed for an hour.
"The weather was clear and we didn't get an indication the plane was having any trouble on approach," said airport spokesman Joseph Lanciotti.
Two tower employees saw the plane make a normal touchdown before it veered off the runway, tumbled several hundred feet across a grassy field and caught fire, said chief air traffic controller James Johnston.
It was an uneventful approach. They gave no indication anything was wrong. He was cleared to land. He touched down on the runway and then cartwheeled to the right into a peripheral ditch, Johnston said. It burst into flames when it reached the ditch.
The fire was quickly extinguished by emergency crews.

Daily Herald Chicago Illinois 1983-03-31