NY, NJ Parachute Jumper Accidents, Jun 1930


Three in East Killed—One Plunges 2500 Feet, Another 2000.

New York, June 9—Investigations into the deaths of three parachute jumpers in this section were under way today.

At Kingston, N.Y., Hudson, N.Y., and Westfield, N.J., three men were killed because their parachutes failed to open after they had jumped from the plane.

Eric Lingren, 27, professional parachute jumper of New York, dropped 1600 feet at Kingston.

Frank Levinsky, 23, of Chicago, dropped 2500 feet at Hudson, N.Y. Airport attendants believed that he was not an experienced jumper because they were sure the rip cord was in working condition.

Franklin F. Crasto, 27, a salesman of East Orange and a professional jumper, dropped 2000 feet at Westfield.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 10 Jun 1930