Barnegat Inlet, NJ Blimp Crashes Into Atlantic Ocean, July 1960

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Lakehurst, N. J. (AP) -- The following men were reported missing by the Navy in the crash of a blimp off the New Jersey coast Wednesday:
Lt. JOSEPH J. SANIUK, airship commander, 17 Carlson, Lakewood, N. J. and Omaha, Neb.
Lt. WILLIAM J. CAREY, 24 Emeral Rd., Nahant, Mass.
Lt. WALTER B. JENNINGS, 20 Double Trouble Rd., Toms River, N. J., and 415 W. Hazlewood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio.
Lt. (J.G.) RICHARD J. HALL, 488 Beach St., Beachwood, N. J., and 604 Cataskil, Richland, Wash.
Lt. RICHARD H. CLUPPER, 10 Pinehurst Estates, Lakehurst, N. J., and Meshoppen, Pa.
Lt. (J.G.) ROBERT E. LEONARD, 10 Park Lane, Lakewood, N. J., and 61 Memorial Parkway, Atlantic Highlands, N. J.
Lt. ORION V. MONTGOMERY, Savannah Acres Trailer Court, Lakehurst, N. J., and Huron, S. D.
Ensign ROBERT H. PIPES, Box 18, Bayville, N. J., and Glendel, Calhoun, La.
(A.D.2) STEVE B. THOMPSON, Rt. 7, Box 28, Spartensburg, S. C. (lived on base).
(A.M.S.2) FREDERICK A FURNEY, R.D. 2, Toms River, N. J., and R. D. 1, Gettysburg, Pa.
LEO J. COUTU, 511 Oak St., Lakehurst, N. J.
(A.T.I.) FRANK J. ROSLEY, Stuart Avenue, Dover Pines, Toms River, N. J., and 566 Mechanics St., Cumberland, Md.
(A.C.W.3) ROGER KUESEL, Randall, Minn., (lived on base).
(A.D.1) FRANCIS E. BLALOCK, 826 Harvey Rd., Toms River, N. J., and 107 Morgan Ave., Birmingham, Ala.
(A.T.N.3) BRUCE O. GARISON, 4111 S. Park Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind., (lived on base).
(A.T.2) JERRY E. SHABEL, 25 Union Ave., Lakehurst, N. J.
(A.C.W. AN) HENRY V. GODBOLD, 1001 Burroughts, Conway, S. C.

The Daily Record Stroudsburg Pennsylvania 1960-07-08


Blimp crash

My husbands father died in this crash...I've always found this story interesting..
My husbands step father was there on a different blimp after the accident.
I've always wondered if any of the families have ever
tried to contact other family members

My father was one of the men

My father was one of the men who died (Fred furney)

Airship Crash July 6,1960

I was crewmember on USS Windlass, ARSD-4 based in Norfolk, Va. (Auxiliary rescue,salvage, and diving) We arrived at site soon after crash and commenced salvage operations. No survivors, about 95% of gondola was recovered with bodies in the wreckage. Bodies were picked up immediately by Navy after being brought aboard. After finishing recovery of all wreckage possible with heavy lifting equipment and deep sea divers we proceeded to Philadelphia shipyard for off loading. Salvage operation was completed after appx. 7 days at the site.

They all died.

They all died.

Did anyone else survive or

Did anyone else survive or were all those men that were missing die?