Cimarron, NM Tornado Hits Scout Camp, June 1960



Cimarron (AP) -- At least five northern New Mexico Boy Scouts and a scoutmaster from Santa Fe were among 33 persons injured when a freak tornado carved a swath near Cimarron late Saturday. Three of the injured, including one Los Alamos scout, were taken to Miners Hospital in Raton -- 55 miles away -- for X-rays. Eight others, including the Santa Fe scoutmaster and two scouts from Santa Fe and two from Los Alamos, were kept overnight at the ranch's Health Lodge for observation. DR. ROBERT BROOKS, head of the ranch health service, said most of the eight would be taken to Raton tomorrow for X-rays.
The other injured, whose identities were not available at press time, were treated and released.
The injured taken to Raton:
GENE ENGLE, Albuquerque, lacerations and possible broken shoulder.
CLIFF MINOR, Albuquerque, possible fractured right arm.
LARRY SHUSTER, Los Alamos, possible head injury.
Those kept at the Health Lodge overnight:
LESLIE TENNYSON, a scoutmaster, Santa Fe, scalp lacerations.
BOBBY REITHEL, Los Alamos, possible fractured arm.
ANDY FULLER, Albuquerque, mild abrasions of the back.
EDWARD SATTIZAHN, Los Alamos, possible head injury.
RAY SANDY, Albuquerque, sprained right ankle, possible broken leg.
JIMMY PHILLIPS, Santa Fe, rib contusions, mild shock.
JOHN DRAPER, Albuquerque, mild burns on chest from an upset charcoal burner.
TOMMY EGAN, Santa Fe, contusions on chest.
JACK RHEA, director of camping, said the "small tornado" swooped down through the camping area about 6 p.m., down about 300 tents located on a flat near the ranch headquarters, five miles south of Cimarron.
The nearly-completed protestant cinder block chapel was leveled. RHEA estimated the loss in building materials at $5,000.
He estimated the 300 tents were a total loss to the Kit Carson Council -- which sponsored the three-day camp-out.
Also lost was all the camping equipment which the estimated 150 Scouts brought with them.
One boy reported his shoes were ripped off his feet by the wind. He was treated for minor cuts and bruises and released.
RHEA said the injuries were from flying debris and falling tent poles, "things of that sort." He said small spot fires broke out, set by charcoal burners on which the boys were cooking. He said fire equipment from headquarters and Cimarron quickly checked the small blazes.
The boys were at the ranch for a three day camp out in preparation for the National Boy Scout Jamboree July 22-28 at Colorado Springs. Kit Carson Council officials expressed concern that the loss of equipment might mean the northeastern New Mexico boys would miss the jamboree.
The camping equipment was spread over a five-mile area around the camp. RHEA said a search for the equipment would begin tomorrow.

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