Roswell, NM Bomber Crashes, Dec 1949


Roswell, N. M., Dec. 16 (AP) -- On the edge of Roswell, an Air Force B-29 crashed and burned late yesterday killing siz.
Three crewmen were seriously injured. Five others walked away from the flaming wreckage.
The bomber, roaring in to a landing at Walker Air Force Base where it was stationed, sheared off a windmill, tumbled to the ground and broke up.
Cause of the crash was not made public. A board of inquiry worked into the night but kept silent on its findings. Air Base officials, however, said there appeared to be "no indication of engine trouble."
It was the third Roswell-based B-29 to crash within a month.
Flames shot up from where the plane crashed, two miles north of the field and four miles downtown Roswell. City and military ambulances, rescue crews and fire equipment worked for two hours, cutting bodies and survivors out of the twisted wreckage.
Several hundred spectators from the city and the base rushed to the scene. The families of most of the crewmen live in Roswell, Military and civil officers kept operations.

Los Cruces Sun-News New Mexico 1949-12-16