Southeastern, NM Biggs Field Bomber Crashes, Aug 1943


El Paso, Aug. 19 -- Twelve U.S. army airmen are dead, today, Biggs Field, officials report, following the crash of a heavy bomber 30 miles northeast of the field Wednesday.
The plane caught fire as it crashed, the public relations office announced.
The bomber, it was said, was on a routine flight.
Names of the dead and their next of kin were announced as follows:
Second Lt. RAYMOND R. PARMER, pilot; Mrs. Jeanne Parmer, Sacramento, Calif.
Capt. ROBERT B. SMITH, instructor pilot; Col. Andrew W. Smith, Hickham Field, T. H.
Second Lt. ROBERT M. REED, co-pilot; Edward E. Reed, Trenton, N.J.
Second Lt. RICHARD P. McNALLY, bombardier; Mrs. Irene McNally, Jersey City.
Second Lt. GORDON C. GREEN, bombardier; Mrs. George B. Green, Whiting, Kan.
Second Lt. CHARLES D. CHANDLER, bombardier; Clifford E. Chandler, Parsons, Kan.
Staff Sgt. JOSE T. CORRELA, engineer; Mrs. Marie Correla, Brava, Cape Verde Islands.
Sgt. JOSEPH T. GUISTA, radio operator; Mrs. Lillian Taylor Guista, Fiber Springs, Md.
Sgt. ALEXANDER J. GIEST, engineer; Mrs. Doris Giest, Detroit.
Sgt. WALTER E. KLAPP, gunner; Mrs. Betty Risley, Harrington, Del.
Staff Sgt. R. A. GALLASH, gunner; Mrs. E. Gallash, Brooklyn.
Sgt. WILLIAM BOWERS, gunner; John W. Bowers, Darlington, Ind.
Captain SMITH received the Oak Leaf Cluster to the Distinguished Flying Cross in a ceremony at Biggs Field Sunday.

Las Cruces Sun-News New Mexico 1943-08-19