Quay, NM Plane Crash, Aug 1933



Pilot, Co-Pilot and Three Passengers of T.W.A. Transport Are Victims; One a Small Child.

AMARILLO, Aug. 29, (AP) - The crushed bodies of five persons, including a 3-year-old child, were found in the wreckage of the Transcontinental & Western Air's night mail and passenger tri-motor transport at Quay post office, 20 miles south of Tucumcari, N. M., at 10:30 o'clock this morning.

The Dead
The dead are MR. AND MRS. RALPH GORE of Albuquerque, N. M., and their grand-daughter, EVELYN GORE, daughter of MR. AND MRS. PAUL GORE of Armarillo; Pilot HOWARD MORGAN and co-pilot C. W. BARCUS both of Kansas City.
The plane was found by J. G. STRATTON, rancher in that vicinity who reported his discovery here. Details were slow in arriving here because of the condition of the roads.
Heavy rains made transportation next to impossible.

The ill-fated ship apparently was caught in the same terrific storm which washed out a span of the railroad bridge, five miles west of Tucumcari, resulting to at least six deaths and 40 injured early today, when the Golden State Limited was wrecked.

Making Up Schedule
The T. W. A. plane left here at 11:35 p. m. Last night with mail and the three passengers. MR. AND MRS. GORE, 43 and 40 years old respectively, had been visiting their son here. The ship was made up here to continue the regular night mail and passenger flight westbound when the regular ship was storm-bound in Kansas City.

The plane was one of the regular tri-motored transports equipped with both receiving and sending radio. The last heard from pilot MORGAN was when he reported his position over the emergency field, six miles east of Tucumcari.

Radio men here, reported they thought they heard him trying to talk one time later. MORGAN gave no intimation of a storm or trouble in his last report.

He apparently turned sharply to the left off his course immediately after passing the Tucumcari field, or else was forced to turn back somewhere west of there and went to the south off his course to avoid a storm.