New York City, NY Plane Crash, Sep 1967


New York (UPI) -- Six persons, including a prominent Oklahoma physician and big game hunter, were reported killed Saturday when their private plant went out of control over the Bronx and crashed and burned in a park, narrowly missing a residential area.
Witnesses said the blue Cessna 320, bound from La Guardia airport in New York City to White Plains in suburban Westchester County en route to Montreal's EXPO 67, wobbled out of control in the air shortly before it crashed into St. Mary's park at 12:41 p.m. EDT. It immediately burst into flames, sending a pall of smoke over the area.
Police said the five passengers aboard the plane had been tentatively identified but the name of the pilot was not immediately known. The passengers were identified as:
DR. E. E. CHAMBERS, a surgeon and member of the Oklahoma Wildlife Commission, his wife, VIRGINIA, and his nurse, DARLENE ALEXANDER, all of Enid, Okla.
MRS. LEONARD CAPSHAW, of Oklahoma City, identified as DR. CHAMBERS' mother.
MRS. PAUL MURPHY, the wife of a Wichita, Kan., physician.
A spokesman for Butler Aviation Inc., which processes private flight at La Guardia, said the airplane was "on course" for Westchester County Airport when it went down. It had arrived at La Guardia earlier in the day with only the pilot aboard and had been refueled before the five passengers arrived and went aboard.
The spokesman said it was carrying a full load of 132 gallons of high-octane fuel when it left the airport.
Three persons were reported slightly injured on the ground in the crash. They were a policeman, a fireman and a bystander. Rescue workers were hampered by a crowd of several hundred persons who surged around the crash scene.
Federal Transportation Board investigators moved in to inspect the wreckage.

Lowell Sun Massachusetts 1967-09-17


I Remember that Day

I was 7 yrs old and i was. Crying cause of what had happen i saw the people on the floor being carble with white sheets it was so sad i never forgot that day i wont never forgot May they Rest in peace Amen??????????????????WAS 10 YRS OLD

1967 plane crash in St Mary's park

I was ten yrs old and I was watching the airplane from my window. I lived on Concord Ave. It was exactly as you described with the plane sputtering and the noise from the explosion. My mother and I also ran over there. It was a sight I will never forget. I also remember people bringing lit candles as a memorial. Even as an adult whenever I passed by that smooth rock I always remembered that very sad day on 149th St.

1967 plane crash in st. Mary's park in the sout Bronx

I was 7 years old when this took place. I remember the engine of the plane sputtering and roaring at the same time. If flew right over our building with a black cloud of smoke trailing behind. The next we heard was the massive explosion. We all ran down the stairs and into the streets where everyone was running towards the park. My babysitter held my hand tight and I was trying to keep up running down the street. Then I could see a big cloud of smoke coming from the park and as we got closer, the crowed was gethering then we saw a fireball. I didn't quite understand was was happing then but it clearly cemented in my mind with the details I've described. And as I grew older, I never stoppe thinking how tragic this really was and the family who lost their lives. I didn't know anything about the people who lost their lives that day only from what I read in postings decades after the event. However, I can't help feeling somewhat connected to the victims perhaps maybe because it happened in my back yard or maybe because it make think on how fragile life really is.


plane crash

I was in the park that day, was 14 yrs. old, am now 61,myself and other young teens volunteered our time on Saturday to take mentally handicapped young people out of a christian school nearby and bring them to the park to show them a good time and try to be a friend. I was with my usual friend ,his name was Irwin, he was wheelchair bound and could not talk, but he laughed out loud when I would push him at a full run, he just really enjoyed me doing this. I heard the sounds of the plane and turned just as it hit the rock, was not far off when the plane came to a stop and I saw a person trying to climb out of the plane, there was a flash of light and then smoke, I watched, that person never made it to the ground, we were told to head back to the school, I pushed Irwin back, but all I could see was this person trying to get out of that plane. I never went back to the park, and never seen Irwin again,moments in a life can last forever.Bless those poor souls who perished that day,and to Irwin who gave me joy to hear him laugh.

I remember the plane crash

I remember the plane crash as well, I was playing across the street at PS-27. I remember hearing the engine and seeing it clip a tree and hit the rock. Years later, I was traveling through Oklahoma, Enid, I believe the town is named and saw a memorial honoring people that had perished in the Bronx section of New York. I then realized that my trip through Ok;ahoma had made a complete circle. The people were from that town! Life sometimes seem so far away, then you realize that its a small world after all.


My grandmother use to tell me the story of a plane crashing in St.Marys Park. Although I wasn't born when it happened she would tell the story so vividly I would think I was a there. My prayers go out to the families who lost there loved ones and my heart goes out to my grandma whom I miss very much. To my old block Caldwell Avenue much love.

plane crash in St marys Park 196/with a Doctor and familey in pl

well that day was a verry sunie day out side, i was in the fire house witch is on 143 st and 3rd ave about 5 blocks from where the plane hit the bldg on st anns ave 147 st, a man was a cross from the fire house working on his car he said o my god the plane the plane so i ran over to see what he was saying,and let me tell its was not good at all the plane was makeing a lot of sounds up in the air going east looking for the air porth,so i ran back into the fire house and said to the fireman we have a plane up in the air with alot of dad sounds comeing from it so then the fire disp was on the tel phone tell me the pepple are saying there is a plane with a dad eng up in the air by st mary"s park so we all resp to box 2209 location was E 147 st and brook ave its was about 4 mins for us to get to the location of the plane witch is now down in the park ,and it hit the biggers rock in the park that we as KIDS were always play on ,the fireman in the Ladder co 17 ran up to the plane with water canns to try and put the fire out utill the eng co got water into there hores ,let tell u all it was not a good site to see may god bless them all and may they R.I.P Beefman

Plane Crash

I remember it well. I was 11 at the time. Playing with friends on Westchester Ave, between Eagle and Caldwell when I heard the motor of the plane sputtering. Looked up and the plane started spinning out of control. As it came down, it looked like the tail of the plane hit a building on either Caldwell or Eagle, then hit a big rock in the park. A few days later, someone had painted the rock black as a memorial. I never knew about the people involved in that crash until today, but it's something I'll never forget.

My Memories Of A Child

First, I would like to send my heart and prayers to the family members and the lives we lost of this trajic event. The plane was carrying physicians and family members that we onced loved and were inspired by their hard work and dedication. We can only imagine what their next mission was going to be for and whom. For what ever the reason was, they had commitment to secure and assure their next patients would recieve the highest quality of health care possible. These people will not be forgotten and will always be remembered in our hearts.

The residential area that the plane almost crashed into, was the building we were living in at the time. The building located on Caldwell Street in the Bronx, had an apartment rented out by my mother and where my other two sisters ages 4 & 5 also lived. I was only 3 years old when I felt the plane fly right above the roof of the building. My mother grabbed me at the time, and we both ran outside of the building in scare, not realizing what just happened. A few minutes later, we both heard the fire trucks racing towards the park (St. Mary's). A couple of hours later, we heard the news from neighbors in the streets of what had just happened. Although, I was only three years old, my heart was pounding and my face was full of tears. I knew something horrible had just happened. After, the flames and the wreckage was controlled, there wasn't a day that didn't go by where my mother took a walk to the park. I knew the many candles and prayers that my mother placed on that rock wasn't going to bring back those people. However, it gave me and my family a sense, that they had gone to some where special.

For people like the ones we lost that day in the Bronx, these are my memories. I'm now 47 years old and I'm happily engaged to a wonderful women who was recently divorced with three children. I have a son also (14 yrs), in which is the love of my life. I share this story with them, and remind them of the trajic events from that day.

My prayers and heart will always be with you.
Jose R.