Cape Vincent, NY Private Plane Crash, June 1961



Cape Vincent -- Two persons were drowned Saturday when the light plane, a Cessna 160A, two seater, with pontoons, crashed into the St. Lawrence River about three miles east of this village and about 300 yards off the northeast shore of Carleton Island.
According to Sheriff Robert B. Chaufty, the victims were; MRS. WILLIAM (DOROTHY) PARR, 31, of rd. 3, Watertown, radio commentator for WWNY and director of her own north country television show on WCNY-TV and TONEY L. ABURE, 20, of 307 So. Rutland St., employed at radio station WWNY.
According to sheriff's deputies, village Chief of Police Millard Dillenbeck notified their office of the crash of an unidentified plane at 10:40 a.m., Sheriff Robert B. Chaufty and Sgt. Irving P. Angel, who were at Alexandria Bay on official business were notified and hurried to this village.
Sheriff Chaufty and Chief Dillenback engaged a boat and went to the scene of the crash. Donald (Moe) Hunt, alsdo at the scene, began diving operations shortly after. Deputies said the two bodies were removed from the plane and the plane would be salvaged later.
Following the crash, which had been reported to the sheriff's office by many residents of the area, no information was available as to the identity of the plane or its occupants.
The sheriff's office reported at 12:10 p.m. that the pilot was known to be still in the plane.
Mrs. Lionel Radley, Cape Vincent, said neighbors heard the noise of the plane going down and later saw a white wing with a number six on it sticking out of the water.
It was mid-afternoon before the bodies were recovered and identification was made. WILLIAM PARR, husband of MRS. PARR, went to the sheriff's office late Saturday to assist in the background information. MRS. PARR was a licensed pilot and had been flying for some time.
Sheriff's deputies said eye-witnesses heard the plane flying close to the ground and heard it hit the water. The reason for the plane's crash is unknown, but the entire area was covered by a heavy fog. Observers were unable to see the plane from this village due to the poor visibility.
District Attorney Angus G. Saunders, who was also at the scene following the early reports of the plane crash, said Saturday there would be no autopsy or inquest in the accident. Death was attributed to accidental drowning.

The Post Standard Syracuse New York 1961-06-11