Harriman, NY Private Plane Crash, July 1964


Harriman, N.Y. (UPI) -- Mayor CHARLES SCOTT of Mansfield, Ohio, and two companions were killed Thursday when their private plane crashed while attempting to take off from a meadow near here.
SCOTT, 53, died four hours after the crash. JAMES R. McGINTY, 55, Mansfield, the pilot, and EDMUND M. BRUMIGAN, 51, Novelty, Ohio, died at the scene.
Officials at the hospital at Tuxedo said SCOTT received multiple injuries and never regained consciousness.
The three men were enroute to New York, where they were to have participated Thursday night in festivities at the Shrine convention.
THe plane reportedly ran low on fuel and McGINTY landed in the meadow about 50 miles from New York.
Meanwhile, in Mansfield, veteran Republican city council president Paul W. Bush was to be sworn in today as mayor.
Bush said he was prepared to serve out the remainder of SCOTT'S two-year term. It was the second time Bush had taken over the reins of city government in an emergency.
Twelve years ago he became mayor for eight months when Tom Wright resigned as the city's chief executive to accept a federal appointment.
State police said the men obtained 10 gallons of gasoline for the plane and prepared to resume their flight in the single-engined Cessna.
WItnesses said the plane lifted into the air, flipped over at very low altitude and slammed into the ground. The craft was demolished.
SCOTT, a Democrat, had been mayor of Mansfield for three years and was serving his second term. He was a councilman in the northern Ohio city for 10 years.
McGINTY was self employed as a manufacturer's representative, and BRUNIGAN was president of Sup-R-Die, a Cleveland industrial die manufacturing firm. All three victims were Shriners.
McGINTY and SCOTT left Mansfield earlier Thursday, flew to Chagrin Falls to pick up BRUNIGAN and then headed for New York.

The Coshocton Times Ohio 1964-07-24