Glenerie, NY car wreck, Aug 1926

5 Hurt When Cars Crash at Glenerie

Car Driven by Yonkers Man Becomes Unmanageable and Crashes Into Max Kaplan's Car - Four Occupants of Yonkers Car Taken to City Hospital.

Five people were more or less injured in an automobile accident near Glenerie about one o'clock Sunday afternoon, when a Cadillac car driven by Max Kaplan, managing clerk of Roscoe Irwin's law office at Albany, and a Chevrolet car occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fenwick of Yonkers collided. The accident happened on the level stretch of road just this side of Glenerie.

Mr. Kaplan was proceeding from Albany in a new Cadillac car which had been driven but 1,400 miles and the Chevrolet sedan was proceeding north. Mr. Kaplan claims he saw the car approach and it appeared to him that the owner lost control of the car. In order to prevent a head-on collision Kaplan turned his car to the right and into the field but he claims that then the Chevrolet seemed to become unmanageable and followed him across the road and into a field to the left, where the cars came together.

Both cars were wrecked, Mr. Kaplan escaped with bruises and injuries to his side. The glass in the Cadillac was not broken.

The occupants of the Chevrolet, however, did not get off so easy.

Mrs. Anderson was quite badly injured and the Edgar Mower ambulance service was called and conveyed all four to the Kingston City Hospital where it was found Mrs. Anderson was severely injured about the leg and hip. An X-ray will be taken to determine the extent of her injuries and learn if the leg is fractured. She was also bruised. Mr. Anderson received slight injuries and after being treated left the hospital. Both Mr. and Mrs. Fenwick were injured but after having their injuries attended to were able to leave the hospital.

Mrs. Fenwick suffered from a laceration of the tongue which required two stitches to close and a cut on her lip was closed with stitches. Mr. Fenwick, who is a member of the Yonkers police force, was injured about the hand and suffered from bruises.

Mr. Kaplan was taken to his home in this city where it was found he had suffered bruises about the body and an einjury [sic] to his side. He was able to be about today.

The Kingston Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY 16 Aug 1926