New York, NY Runaway Accident, Sept 1905

Driver’s Awful Plunge

Runaway Accident Thrown Occupant of Wagon 150 Feet From New York Bridge.

A man supposed to be William A. FURISCH was thrown over the railing of the Williamsburg (N. Y.) bridge, the new suspension bridge over the East river, and fell 150 feet to his death, yesterday. He was not over the water at the time, but fell upon the stone sidewalk of the New York approach. His death came after a wild runaway ride across a large part of the bridge. An automobile frightened the horse. The vehicle which FURISCH drove was a news delivery wagon. He made no attempt to jump, but leaned forward and guided his horse past the other teams in the dangerous passageway.

His seat was on a level with the outer guard rail of the bridge, and when the wagon careened against the rail FURISCH shot out of his seat with a dive that carried him completely beyond the bridge parapets. He landed on his head, 150 feet below, and only a yard away from a policeman. The driver was dead by the time the officer had carried him into a nearby drug store.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 20 Sept 1905