New York, NY Auto - Carriage Accident, Sept 1905

The Automobile Didn't Stop.

Charles B. Fish of 234 West Eighty-fourth street, New York, was severely injured in a runaway accident on Keeler's hill, Stamford, late yesterday, breaking one of his ribs and being otherwise bruised. Mr. Fish and his daughter were driving to New York from their summer home in Fairfield when their carriage collided with an automobile, in which were Edward Kemp of 41 West Fifty-fourth street, New York, his wife, sons and chauffeur. The automobile was ditched, but the occupants escaped injury. Mr. Kemp claims that he was obliged to make a sudden turn in order to escape a fast approaching automobile, and in doing so collided with Mr. Fish's carriage. Mr. Fish's horses started up immediately, and before they could be controled[sic] he was thrown out, but his daughter escaped with a fright. Mr. Fish and his daughter spent the night at Stamford. The automobile which is said to have caused the accident proceeded on its way without stopping. Mr. Kemp and his party were on their way from New York to Boston.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 20 Sept 1905