New York, NY Fire Horse Runaway, Aug 1912


Victor, Who Caused Chief Rush’s Death, Imperils Chief Spencer.

Victor, the Fire Department horse which bolted with Battalion Chief Rush on April 23 and caused his death, ran away again yesterday morning with Battalion Chief John Spencer. This was the fifth time it had run away. Spencer was on his way from the City Paymaster’s office in Chambers Street, with the pay envelopes for the men of Engine Company 30, Spring and Varick Streets, when the horse became frightened by an automobile passing on Varick Street near Grand.

The horse broke into a gallop and got beyond the control of the driver, John Foote. Spencer kept the gong sounding a warning while the runaway speeded along Varick Street. As it passed the corner of Grand, Dennis Dermody of 52 Watt Street, jumped to catch the bridle, but missed, was thrown to the street, and was severely bruised. A block further on the horse ran against a pushcart and was heavily thrown. Before it could regain its feet the Battalion Chief and the driver had its head securely held. The right front wheel was smashed and the harness broken in several places. The pay envelopes were found in the street.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Aug 1912