Schenectady, NY Runaway Accident, Jun 1900


She Lived But Twenty Minutes After the Accident.

Providence, June 27--Details have been received of the tragic death in Schenectady Monday evening of Mrs. H. T. Rogers, wife of a well-known physician of this city. Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Jacob W. Clute, wife of a former Mayor of Schenectady, jumped from a carriage during a runaway and were killed. Mrs. Robert J. Landon, two young children of Mrs. Rogers, and the coachman were in the carriage, but they escaped serious injury.

Dr. and Mrs. Rogers were in Schenectady to attend the commencement exercises at Union College, of which the doctor is an alumnus.

Mrs. Rogers was visiting Mrs. Landon, and with Mrs. Clute and the two children they went out driving in the evening. On Washington avenue the horses took fright at a pile of building material and ran. The coachman had the team almost under control when one rein broke and the terrified animals were left ungovernable in their mad flight.

As soon as the harness gave was the coachman jumped from his seat and tried to get at the horses' heads but was unsuccessful, and with no semblance of guidance or means to check their speed the frantic team dashed on whirling behind them the carriage with its load of helpless women and children.

There is little wonder that the occupants should be tempted to jump under such circumstances and on seeing the coachman leap from his box Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Clute, who were on the rear seat, became almost panic stricken and the former, seizing her two children jumped from the carriage, closely followed by Mrs. Clute.

Great courage and presence of mind were displayed by Mrs. Landon, who climbed over to the box, got hold of the one rein and pulled the team to one side into a large tree where they became entangled long enough to allow Mrs. Landon to jump to the sidewalk. The horses started again but were captured a short distance further on.

The two women had been taken to a house near the scene of the accident and medical aid was at once called but Mrs. Rogers died in about 20 minutes and Mrs. Clute lived but an hour longer.

Dr. and Mrs. Rogers resided in this city at 117 Broad street where Dr. Hashrouck also has an office.

Mrs. Rogers was a daughter of the late H. B. Gavitt of Westerly. She leaves a mother Mrs. Anna C. Gavitt of this city and a brother, Charles Gavitt of Westerly.

Pawtucket Times, Pawtucket, RI 28 Jun 1900