Queens County, NY Civil Air Patrol Plane Crash, May 1977

Civil Air Patrol aircraft involved in the crash Firemen shoot foam on broken fuselage of plane that fell in flames from third story minutes after hitting room. Newspaper article Firemen shoot foam on Civil Air Patrol plane after it crashed into roof of three-story home at 27th Ave. and 146th St., Flushing, Queens. There's no quiet Sunday morning for Flushing residents as they jam street to watch firemen. Newspaper article


New York (UPI) -- A Civil Air Patrol plane lifted off from a small airport in Queens County Sunday morning to give young cadets an
"orientation" flight and moments later crashed into a two-family house, killing one cadet and injuring the woman pilot and two other cadets aboard.
None of the victims was identified pending notification of next of kin. The house was believed to be empty at the time of the crash.
Hospital officials said the pilot was in critical condition at Flushing Hospital with multiple fractures. The two cadets were in guarded condition at Booth Memorial Hospital.
The cadet who was killed was pronounced dead at the scene.
Officials said the one-engine Cessna 172 had taken off from Flushing Airport at 10 a.m. EDT and went down moments later, hitting the top floor of a two-story house in the Flushing section of Queens County. The crash caused a fire which was quickly put out by firemen.
Officials said the house is about a mile southeast of the airport, located near Flushing Bay directly across from LaGuardia Airport.
Cindy Clear, 22, who lives directly across from the house, said, "I was lying in bed and heard a big bang. I looked outside and saw a plane sticking out from the roof of the house across the street."
"I was pretty scared. I was shaking. People were coming around to tell us to get out of the house because sparks might have started a fire."
Miss Clear said, "One man pushed his way out of the plane and fell on to the grass. The plane then exploded and there was a big fire."
"The wings fell onto the ground and the rest of the plane was demolished."
Mrs. Maria Capulo, who also lives across the street from the crash said, "The part of the plane where the pilot was was inside the house. There were a lot of flames and I saw them take one body away."

Playground Daily News Fort Walton Beach Florida 1977-05-23

Cadet EDWIN GUEUERA, 16, Bronx.
Pilot Civil Air Patrol Lt. ANNETTE LEDER, 27, of Bronx, critical condition with multiple fractures and spinal injuries.
Cadet GEORGE MARTIN, 16, Bronx, serious condition at Booth Memorial Hospital with a brain concussion and internal injuries.
Cadet MIGUEL ROSADO, 14, Bronx, was in fair condition at Booth Memorial Hospital with hand and leg injuries.



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I see the article spells your brothers last name as Gueuera instead of Guevera.

Here is a link to a picture of the aircraft involved:


Here is a link to the accident report:


Sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. Such a tragic accident.


Plane Crash

I was a witness to the crash with my dad.

Air Crash

I was a cadet in the squadron at the time and declined going on the flight to allow newer cadets to go up. I actually purchased a memorial plaque for your family at the time and was the Cadet Deputy Squadron Commander. I would be interested in chatting if you have the opportunity- this has bothered me for many years.

Your brother was a good man and heading in great direcftions. This was an imense tragedy.

plane crash

I am the brother of the cadet who died on this day. I was 6yrs old and wish to know more of what transpired...pictures, videos or anything?

crash of Queens, NY 1977

Did this crash happen on 146St & 27 Ave? If so, I was 6 years old & witnessed it on the shoulder of my dad.