New York, NY Theatre Panic, Nov 1920

Frantic Parents Add to Chaos.
Mothers shrieked and fathers fought to gain admittance between the incoming and the maddened outstreaming mob; there was no progress whatever.
Outside mothers in bandannas and gay skirts, gathered, wringing their hands and wailing aloud.
In the saloons and on the corners small parties organized. All about were knots of sympathizers jabbering vociferously in many tongues.
Meantime a few of the cooler heads reached over the heads of the tangled masses and lifted children too frightened to cry, out of peril.

Rescuer Roughly Handled.
MRS. BELLA THOMPSON turned back from the street to rescue two children and fought her way up the gallery stairs in an effort to rescue more but was flung savagely down the steps and sustained bruises and contusions.
The police and firemen picked the little ones up one by one. The crush was so violent that ________ (unreadable) were pressed up into the air and sustained there by the people.

Little Girl's Trust.
TESSIE GUIDLEN'S story is particularly pathetic. She had been entrusted with the care of 2-year-old DOMINICO MAISCALLO. She was very proud of her trust. M. POLLINDINI, a man who lives near her found her. Her hand was clutched tight to the hand of the younger child.
The other 2-year-old was little JOE LOMBARDI, who had just emerged from the hospital. It was his first moving picture show. Throughout the performance he showed his appreciation.

Proprietors Under Arrest
PETER RETANNO rescued four children. Fighting his way to the exit with the fourth child he was forced to club down several men, who attempted to block his passage.
For hours afterwards the crowds swarmed about the theater but no efforts were made to mob the proprietors or manager. The three were taken to the station house and were questioned there by Assistant District Attorney DINEEN and Fire Chief BRENNAN and others.

The San Antonio Express Texas 1920-11-15