Mitchel Field, NY Bomber Crashes, Jan 1942


Mitchel Field, N. Y., Jan. 1. -- (INS) -- Five army airmen were killed today when their bomber crashed near New Hyde Park during a training flight. The big plane landed in a sand pit and burned.
Army officials identified those killed as:
Second Lieut. CHARLES W. VAN EEUWEN, 21, of Allendale, Mich., pilot.
Second Lieut. JAMES J. ORR., co-pilot, (no address).
Aviation Cadet EARLY W. RAY, 23, of Kings Mills, Ohio, navigator.
Pvt. EDWIN A ONUSROWICZ, 20, of Ipswich, Mass., engineer.
Pvt. JOSEPH W. GALLIK, 20, of Pittsburgh, Pa., radio operator.

San Antonio Light Texas 1942-01-01