New Rochelle, NY Two Horses Bolt Into Race-Track Crowd, Aug 1934

Two Horses Bolt Into Race-Track Crowd; 20 Spectators Are Hurt, Drivers Thrown

4 — In a wild scramble for safety
when two horses broke away late
this afternoon at the races of the
Westchester Riding and Driving
Club, more than twenty persons received
bruises and slight lacerations.
Other persons were slightly
injured when one of the runaways
plunged into the crowd of men,
women and children standing on a
bridge leading to the stables.
Only the fact that wreckage of
the second horse's matinee cart,
resembling a sulky, became caught
on the side of the bridge, throwing
the animal, saved scores from injury.
Undeterred by the accident, Supreme
Court Justice Arthur S.
Tompkins, 69-years old, of Nyack,
a member of the Appellate Division
in Brooklyn, and former Supreme
Court Justice Albert H. F. Seeger,
75, of Newburgh, a few minutes
later drove the second heat of a
matinee-cart race.
The races today were held at t he
half-mile track of the Hill and
Dale Farm at Weaver Street and
Quaker Ridge Road, New Rochelle.
The events progressed without mishap
until the fifth race.
Spencerian, a stallion driven by
Elwood Hopkins of Hartsdale,
broke away. Hopkins fell from his
seat and the vehicle bounded into
the air, broke from the harness and
fragments flew against spectators
who lined the track near-by.
Alarmed by the accident, Mecox,
a gelding driven by James L. Barrington
of Pelham, followed Spencerian.
Barrington was thrown, to
the ground but the matinee cart
continued to swing from right to
left behind the racing horse.
Mecox finally dived into a gate
leading to the stables. It was there
that the crowd was collected and
where most of the injuries were inflicted.

Aug. 5, 1934 edition of The New York Times