Syracuse, NY Horse Race Accident, Sept 1924

Hinds Killed in Race After Tribute to Geers; He Is Thrown From His Sulky at Syracuse Fair

SYRACUSE, N. Y., Sept. 8 — In full
view of several thousand persons who
but an hour before had bared their
heads and paid silent tribute to Edward
F. (Pop) Geers, the veteran driver
who was killed last week on a
Southern track. Tommy Hinds, himself
a veteran of Grand Circuit racing, was
thrown to his death in a collision between
sulkies on the race track at the
New York State Fair grounds here late
Hat in hand, with his head bowed,
Hinds had been one of the Grand Circuit,
drivers here for the opening day
who stood in front of the. grandstand
to observe a moment of silence in
memory of one who most of them had
known as a close friend and companion.
The brief tribute over, he had remained
with the others to hear Lieut. Gov.
George R. Lunn recall some of
the outstanding events in Geers' career.
Then, as Hinds swung around the
one-eighth mile turn on the track, guiding
Bonnie Del to a leading position, his
sulky collided with Tommy Murphy's
Clyde the Great and he was thrown
headlong over the wreckage. He fell on
his head and right shoulder. Physicians
believed that he probably fractured hls
skull in the fall.
Murphy of this city, the other driver,
was dazed and shaken up, but
after a short rest was able to tell details
of the crash. He had been leading,
he explained, and the other horses
were bunched behind, with Hinds nearest.
Bonnie Del appeared to break,
possibly. Murphy thought, because of
touching the leading sulky.
Hinds was about 62-years old and a
native of Goshen. N. Y. He had been
a racing driver for at least twenty-five
years, according to State Fait officials,
and was rated as one of the leading
flve men on the Circuit tracks.

Sept. 9, 1924 edition of The New York Times