Hudson City, NY Scaffolding Collapse Accident, July 1869



Yesterday morning a shocking and fatal accident occurred at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hudson City, which is now in course of erection, resulting in two men being killed on the spot and two others seriously injured. The unfortunate men were at work on a scaffolding erected on the inside of the walls at the rear of the building, and partially resting upon a brick archwork resting on stone columns. Early yesterday morning the timber which supported these arches was taken down and the masonry left unsuported. From some cause as yet unknown, probably the moistening of the mortar by the recent rain, the structure gave way with a terrific crash, carrying along with it the scaffolding, and dashing the four men downward fifty feet. They were, of course, crushed under the debris, which consisted of a mass of stone, brick, timber &c., which kept falling every few seconds.
As soon as possible assistance was at hand, and the following victims of the accident were brought out from the ruins: ROGER TIGHE, mason; LEWIS ANDREW, son of the foreman of the work, and assistant architect; ALONZO CONNOR, laborer, and GEO. BURNS, mason. TIGHE was taken out dead; ANDREW was alive, but only survived ten minutes; CONNOR and BURNS are still alive, but it is feared the former is fatally injured. BURNS is expected to recover. TIGHE was a resident of Prespect street, Jersey City, and was 55 years of age. ANDREW was a resident of Hudson City, and 21 years of age, and was engaged to be married at an early day. His bethothed was soon on the spot, and the scene between them while he was breathing his last, was very affecting.
Early in the afternoon Coroner WARREN was at the scene of the accident, and gave permission for the removal of TIGHE'S body to Jersey City. Coroner WARREN will hold an inquest this evening.

The New York Times New York 1869-07-22