Cumberland, MD Sled Hits Horse and Wagon, Feb 1902

Double-Decker Sled Struck a Heavy
Team and Fatally Injured Three
Young Women
Special to The New York Times

CUMBERLAND, Md., Feb. 4 — Three young women are said to be dying and six other persons are painfully injured as the result of a coasting accident here last night. The injured are Miss May Johnson, thigh and rib broken and head and eye seriously-injured; Miss Sadie Shannon, skull fractured; Miss Mamie Beck, skull fractured; Miss Hester Hager, ankle sprained;
Miss Maggie Mahaney, head badly cut; Miss Flora Mahaney, head cut and eye injured; Taylor Mahaney, arm broken; Charles McCracken, nose broken and face badly cut and eyesight probably destroyed; Allen Hobday, cut about the eye; Harry Groves, and several others badly hurt.
The young people were on a "double-decker" sled coasting on along the ice-covered hill. The sled was moving at least forty miles an hour when it ran into a heavily-laden wagon drawn by two horses. The
horses were knocked down and the spokes were ripped out of the wheels as if they were straws, but Archibald Allan, the driver, was unhurt.
The coasters were scattered over the snow-covered ground, some of them unconscious. Before they could be removed, a second sled in attempting to steer around the wreck, upset and some of the coasters fell on the injured. A third sled safely cleared the wreck. Persons residing in the vicinity opened their homes to the injured until they could be removed to their homes or a hospital. The accident will have a deterring influence upon the use of big sleds for coasting. The Chief of Police has given orders to arrest all such coasters.

Feb. 5, 1902 edition of The New York Times