Long Island Sound, NY Plane Crash, Aug 1967



New York (AP) - The bodies of two more victims of the crash of a small plane during a heavy rainstorm last Sunday have been recovered from the wreckage of the plane which was pulled from Long Island Sound.
The bodies were identified by police Tuesday night as those of JOSEPH ABRAHAM, 32, a Manhattan interior decorator, and THOMAS ROWE, 24, also of Manhattan, who recently moved here from New Orleans.
Two other bodies, found shortly after the crash, were identified as those of WILLIAM SEDUTTO, 32, and RONALD BUMBALO, 31, both of Manhattan. BUMBALO and ROWE were roommates.
Police scuba divers are searching for the body of a fifth man believed to have been aboard the six-passenger Piper Cherokee.
The bodies of ABRAHAM and ROWE were recovered Tuesday when a Coast Guard boat pulled the wreckage from water 20 feet deep off High Island.
The plane hit a radio tower on the island and then plunged into the sound.
The plane was taken on an unauthorized flight, according to the Arrow Aviation Co., which charters planes out of La Guardia Airport. Investigators believe the plane went to East Hampton on Long Island to pick up passengers and was en route to La Guardia at the time of the crash.

Bridgeport Post Connecticut 1967-08-30