Brooklyn, NY Waterfront Explosion And Fire, Dec 1956

aaaaaaaaaa 1956 Bush Terminal Brooklyn NY

Two Decapitated.
Police and Red Cross officials said at least two persons, one of them a teenager just out of school, were decapitated. Seven others were known dead and police feared more bodies would be found in the wreckage of the demolished pier.
Police reported 274 injured but a tally of those treated by seven hospitals brought the number nearer 400. At least 52 persons were hospitalized overnight.
The greatest massing of firefighting equipment since a 1941 Brooklyn pier fire battled the inferno which shot orange flames 1,000 feet into the air. The explosion, which occurred 25 minutes after the fire was discovered in a pile of rubber, sent a mushroom-shaped cloud of black smoke soaring 3,000 feet.

Brooklyn Pier Fire Dead Listed.
New York (UPI) - The known dead in the Brooklyn pier fire and explosion:
CIRO BALZANO, 68, 308 President Street, Brooklyn, a hatch chief for the Luckenbach Line.
JOHN BALUT, 13, 153 34th Street, Brooklyn.
VALENZA BIAGGI, 47, 1226 63rd Street, Brooklyn.
BENNY CUCCIO, 40, 914 47th Street, Brooklyn.
FRANK LOPEZ, 9, 4318 Third Avenue, Brooklyn.
JAMES McCULLOUGH, about 46, 635 Spring Valley Road, Maywood, N.J., a lighter captain.
FRANK ROMEN, 45, 124 President Street, Brooklyn, a cooper for the Royal Netherlands Lines.
JAMES A. SMITH, 69, 56 Westminster Road, Brooklyn, longshoreman.
WILLIAM THOMPSON, JR., 13, 475 41st Street, Brooklyn.

New York Times New York 1956-12-03