New York, NY Fell From Horse During Parade, Sept 1922


Grand Stand Is Thrilled When Rider Falls From Mount and Breaks Left Leg.

The fourth annual Field Day of the Police Department was held yesterday afternoon on the Jamaica race track. Every specialist on the force had opportunity to show his skill and each acquitted himself with credit. The crowd was smaller than that of previous field days, and there seemed to be a lack of sustained interest. Mayor Hylan was expected but did not get back to the city in time, it was announced. The best part of the day was the weather.

The work of the mounted men won much applause, and the crowd cheered time and again at the exhibitions of Cossack riding, trick riding, and other difficult stunts on horseback. The drill of the rifle batallion[sic], under Captain Charles E. Schofield, was another event which roused the grandstand. Orders were executed with snap and precision and the setting up exercises were carried out in perfect unison.

There was one incident. Raymond Cross of 123 Livingston Street, Brooklyn, attached to the West Brighton Station, fell from his mount and broke his left leg. The accident happened in front of the grandstand and caused some excitement. Cross was an entry in the halter race, the contestants riding bare back with only the halter to guide their horse. He was treated by an ambulance surgeon from the Flushing Hospital and was taken to Mary Immaculate Hospital, Jamaica.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Sept 1922