Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Bridge Disaster, May 1883

Brooklyn Bridge in 1899

MARY DISTLER, age 18, of One Hundred and Third street and Second avenue, New York, suffered concussion of the brain and was taken raving to St. Vincent's Hospital, where she was kept under the influence of opiates all night.
EDWARD DOEHERTY, aged 5 years, of No. 152 Ferry street, Newark, N. J., was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital, where he was found by his mother at 8 P. M. His injuries are not considered fatal, but his spine is hurt.
CHARLES EBBERWEIN, age 11, of No. 334 East Fifty-fourth street, New York, had his right leg fractured near the ankle and received a contusion of the scalp.
LOUIS EVRAK, of No. 7 Manhasset place, Brooklyn, slightly injured, went home without assistance.
MARGARET GALLAGHER, a widow, aged 32 years, of Madison street, near Seaunnel, New York, was conveyed to Chambers street Hospital, and subsequently moved to the New York Hospital. She has remained unconscious since receiving her injuries.
JAMES GREEN, of No. 60 Cherry street, New York. Unconscious through prostration. Cared for at the Chambers street Hospital.
ELIZABETH HANNON, a young woman, living at No. 39 Chrystie street, New York, was with her mother, aged 60 years, on the bridge. Both were slightly injured.
EDWARD HERR, aged 26 years, of No. 518 West Ninety-third street, New York, a silk ribbon weaver, was bruised and strained about the legs and right elbow.
WILHELMINA LOEWE, aged 60, of No. 190 Monroe street, New York, was injured internally, and subsequently removed to New York Hospital.
ELIZABETH O'BRIEN, aged 11, daughter of JAMES O'BRIEN, who was killed, was injured internally and probably will die.
MARY O'BRIEN, age 8, was with her father on the bridge when he was killed, and received several bruises and scratches. She was sent to her home, at No. 89 Laight street, N. Y.
MARY O'DONOVAN, of No. 232 Cherry street, New York, was injured internally, was taken to Chambers street Hospital.
ELLEN REQUA, of No. 62 Horatio street, N. Y., slightly injured, suffered from asphyxia, went home unassisted.
THOMAS ROORDAN, of No. 36 Montgomery street, N. Y., injured internally, was removed to the New York Hospital.
MARGARET RYAN, age 30, of No. 230 Cherry street, New York, was conveyed to the Chambers street Hospital, suffering from convulsions and asphyxia.
MINNIE SMITH, lives at No. 258 Houston street, New York, was injured internally.
MARGARET SMITH, age 25, was on the bridge with her husband and was thrown down the steps. She was rescued with difficulty and is supposed to have received some slight internal injury.
MATTIE O. STYLES, of No. 257 Grove street, Jersey City, injured internally, and was cared for at the Chambers street Hospital.
MARY THOMPSON, aged 8 years, of No. 113 Monroe street, New York, had her skull fractured and minor contusions about the head. She was lying at St. Vincent's Hospital in an unconscious condition last evening, and it is thought will die.
ELIZABETH TIERNEY, a young girl who lives on St. Marks place, went home without assistance.
MRS. CHARLES VOGELEY, of No. 32 West Twenty-sixth street, New York, internally injured. Conveyed to Chambers street Hospital.

Those reported last night as missing are as follows:
HENRY BARWICK, 17 years of age, of Seventy-sixth street and First avenue, New York. His father is sexton of the Methodist Church in Sixty-third street. He left home early in the morning, not saying where he was going.
JOHN CARROLL, aged 14, lives in East Twelfth street, New York.
DAVID COLE, aged 15 years, lives at No. 33 Eighth street, Jersey City.
RICHARD EAGLEHARDT, 15 years of age. Lives at No. 24 High street, Brooklyn.
JOHN GOLDEN, of No. 546 Canal street, New York.
GEORGE HASHAGEN 15 years. Lives at No. 157 Bleecker street, New York.
GEORGE N. MARKS. He was married and has a family. His home is at Fourth and Thirteenth streets.
IDA MINLEY, aged 19, living in Eighty-sixth street, New York, a sister of MRS. GEORGE SMITH, whose husband was killed; left her home in company with her sister EFFIE for the purpose of walking across the bridge. She had not returned up to a late hour last night.
EFFIE MINLEY, aged 25, a sister of ADA MINLEY, was in company with her and is also missing.
AMBROSE O'NEIL. Lives at No. 623 Washington street, New York.
FRANCIS O'NEIL. Lives at 271 West Eleventh street, New York.
MILES SMITH, of Forty-first street, near Second avenue, New York, 14 years old.
WILLIAM S. STRONG, fourteen years of age, employed at R. H. Macy's store, at Sixth avenue, and Fourteenth street, N. Y., left home with the intention of going to Rockaway with a friend.
EDWARD TAMMANY, age 14, or Morrisania. He left home at 7:45 A. M., to walk over the bridge. He had not returned at 10 P. M.
SAMUEL TOBINSKI, eight years of age, of No. 43 Eldridge street, N. Y., left home at an early hour and had not returned at 10 P. M.
MICHAEL VETTER, age 30 years. Lives at No. 43 Oliver street, N. Y.

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