New York, NY Automobile - Jockey and Horse Accident, Jul 1908


Chauffeur Takes Him to Hospital In Machine, Then Disappears.

Two versions of the manner in which Jay Rowan, a steeplechase rider, was hurt were told yesterday. Edwin Fitzsimmons, or Simmons, a chauffeur of 221 West 120th Street, Manhattan, who drove off a Thirty-fourth Street ferryboat into Long Island City with the injured man aboard his automobile, told Policeman Thomas F. Powers he found Rowan aboard the ferryboat overcome by the heat and picked him up to get him to a hospital as quickly as possible.

But when he was laid on the operating table in St. John's Hospital and restoratives applied, Rowan recovered sufficiently to say that with John Humble he was leading two horses down Thirty-fourth Street toward the ferry, when he was run into by an automobile between Second and Third Avenues. The operator of the machine took him aboard, leaving the horses in charge of Humble.

On hearing Rowan's version of the occurrence, Policeman Powers bounded out of the hospital to arrest Simmons, but he had got away.

The police believe that the driver of the machine was Edwin Fitzsimmons, who was arrested on Sunday for speeding his automobile, and is now under bail for his appearance on July 7. The number of his auto is 31,813.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Jul 1908