Angelica, NY Alms House Fire, Mar 1923

Seven Women and Two Men Perish in Fire Following Gas Explosion.

Angelica, N. Y., March 15.-Seven women and two men perished when the Allegheny county alms house on the outskirts of this village was burned early today. The fire started from a gas explosion in the basement of the structure where 24 women patients were quartered and quickly spread to the administration building.

The building where the women were quartered was 250 feet long and joins a concrete structure where the 29 men inmates were housed. CHARLES SANBORN, head stableman at the institution, lost his life in an effort to rescue women inmates. The night fireman was killed by the explosion.

Six women were cremated in their beds and another was killed when she leaped from the upper window of the blazing building.

The Landmark, Statesville, NC 15 Mar 1923