New York, NY Brooklyn Bridge Accident, Feb 1910


New York, Feb. 1.--- In an effort to save the life of a man injured in an accident on the Brooklyn bridge a trolley car was converted into an operating room to-day.

PATRICK McCRANOY, driver of a repair truck, was thrown from the truck platform when the horses bolted and his leg was mangled between the car rail and the truck wheels. A passing trolley car was stopped and McCranoy was put on board and a rush trip was made to the end of the bridge. There an ambulance was met, but the surgeon's deciding that an immediate operation was necessary left the patient in the car, and hastily improvising an operating room, amputated the leg just below the hip.

The man was taken to a hospital but was too weak to survive the operation and died shortly afterwards.

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, NY 1 Feb 1910