Saratoga, NY Jockey Killed by Fall, Aug 1908


Ernest Boadwee, Thrown From His Horse in Race at Saratoga, Dies From His Injuries.

Saratoga, N. Y., Aug. 8.---Ernest Boadwee, the jockey who was thrown from his mount, Rufus, in the second race here today, died at 10 o'clock tonight. Boadwee was pitched headlong from the horse as the animal made a bad landing and the horse rolled on top of him. When taken to the hospital, it was found he had a broken collar bone and concussion of the brain, but his condition was not thought to be serious. It was discovered on a more thorough examination to-night that a rib had been broken, and that a rib had been broken, and that a sharp end of the bone had pierced the lung.

Boadwee, whose home was in Brookhaven, Mass., was 20 years old and had gained quite a reputation as a jockey.

The State, Columbia, SC 9 Aug 1908