Cortland, NY Lamp Explosion, Mar 1906


Mrs. Mary Bassett, 80 Years Old, Horribly Burned.


John P Murray Went to Her Assistance----It is Thought That a Lamp Must Have Exploded and Set Her Clothing on Fire----Taken to the Hospital.

Cortland, March 10---Mrs. Mary Bassett, an old lady living at No. 158 Railroad street, was horribly burned at her home shortly after midnight. She was taken to the hospital where she lies in critical condition, death being expected at may moment.

John P Murrary, who lives next door to Mrs. Bassett, was startled by the appearance of a woman upon his side porch, clouded in a sheet of flames. The family went to her rescue at once and put out the fire that was burning all about her. Wright's ambulance was telephone for and Dr. S. J. Sorngerger was summoned to attend her. The woman was scarcely conscious after gaining the attention of the Murrary family.

Mrs. Bassett is nearly 90 years old and lives alone in the house. She has been in the habit of leaving a lamp burning all night by her bed. It is thought that this must have exploded and met her on fire, or that she might have put the light out earlier in the night and arose and attempted to secure a light. There did not appear to have been any fire about her bed.

This morning at the hospital it was said that the old lady was as comfortable as she could be made. Her [ineligible] was burned to the home in many places, principally upon the lower portion of the back. She has one son, Burt Bassett, who lives in Hom[ineligible] avenue. Her husband died about a year ago.

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, NY 10 Mar 1906